Tips To Improve Nutrition Will Power

Tips to Improve Will Power and Make Exercise and Nutrition a Habit

Improving will power and self-discipline are an integral part of every Fit Female’s journey.

Like exercise or cooking, will power is a skill, and it requires continuous practice and focus to continue to develop it.

Below is a list of different techniques to help you continue to master this skill and to help you on your own journey to becoming a Fit Female:

  • Do something you know you should be doing everyday for a week. Set aside time everyday for the week specifically for doing it. An example of this could be setting aside an extra two minutes each night to pack your gym bag with everything you need for the next day. By doing this task each night, you’ll be creating a routine that will help it to become a habit.
  • State out loud what you want to or should be doing, even if you aren’t doing it. So, if you are sitting on the couch watching tv, say out loud, “I’m going outside on a walk”. Repeat it, acting as if you are already doing it, and before you know it, you will be. It may seem silly, but give it a try, and I bet you’ll be lacing up your shoes shortly after.
  • Ask yourself why part of you doesn’t want to do the something you are trying to do. By asking yourself this question, it can help you realize what’s holding you back so you can figure out a solution and get back on track towards reaching your goals.

Visualize your “If-then” plan. Come up with a plan for your ifs by visualizing your “thens”.

For example, “If I am tired when my alarm goes off in the morning for my workout, then I will get my gym clothes on and go in and do the workout.” ….even better…sleep in your clothes.

If your alarm goes off and you already have your workout clothes on and maybe you just need to throw a sports bra on or you have your workout clothes sitting by your bed you’ll remember your good intentions the night before and the commitment you made to yourself.

By visualizing the situation and the solution, you’ll be training yourself to do this automatically if the situation arises.

Chances are that once you get there and finish your warm up, you’ll probably end up doing the rest of the workout.

Remember you can make excuses OR you can make progress but you can’t make both. Choose one.

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