Lose Your Belly Fat

How do I lose my belly fat?

On my travels meeting women who are embarking on their journey to become a fit female this is one of the number one questions I get.

Recently, one of my clients was featured in MORE Magazine in an article about doing just that, losing belly fat.

Her story talks about how she was amazed when she starting eating more and lifting weights how her body changed and her belly flattened.

In that same article MORE Magazine listed five foods that fight belly fat and I thought it was an interesting list because it was very specific and I wanted to share it with you the readers of my female body breakthrough blog along with my own explanations.

  1. Hot Tomatoes. The key is to up your fruits and veggies. A study showed that especially fruits and veggies high in carotenoids, beta carotene, alpha carotene and lycopene were linked to smaller waistlines. That is why MORE has listed Hot Tomatoes because they are high in all of these.
  2. Mushrooms. The reason these are on the list is for their Vitamin D content which if deficient in you may have a harder time losing weight.
  3. Rasberries. And I would like to add Oatmeal to MORE Magazines list. These are on the list for their fiber content. Which there was also another research article just this month in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that also showed that people who eat higher fiber diets have a smaller waist circumference(less belly fat) and weigh less. This study also showed that cereal fiber had the biggest correlation hence the Oatmeal on the list.
  4. Coconut Oil. A recent study in Brazil showed that women who ate coconut oil had a decrease in their waist circumference. Coconut eaters also had good HDL Cholesterol. So start to cook your vegetables in Coconut Oil and you can get coconut milk to add to your shakes.
  5. Alaska Pollock was the last on MORE magazines list. I think fish in general is an excellent source of protein and an important part of changing your body but a study showed that specifically Alaska Pollock decreased visceral fat on your belly. Add lean white fish to your diet if you want to lose belly fat including pollock, cod, and orange roughy.

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